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BB-ETB Suparolla Explorer Hard Case Trolley Bag


Product Features
Materials - Ultra strong & lightweight ABS/Polycarbonate with polyester inner lining
Style - a hi-tech, versatile 2 compartment mid sized trolley bag, top & side handles. Kangaroo style exterior pocket for easy access clothing & accessories
Trolley - internal frame with large wheels & telescopic handle

Weight & capacity - 2.9kg & 27 litres [1 kg less & 2 litres more than Classic Bag]

Size - 38 x 42 x 24cms [15" x 17" x 9.5"]

Fixed combination lock

New Colours - Rich Cherry [Bg], French Navy [Ny] & Gunmetal Grey [ Gy]

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Bag Size - 38 x 43 x 24cms [15" x 17" x 9.5"] 

Overall size incl frame, handles, feet - 40 x 45 x 24cms [15.75" x 17.75" x 9.5"]

Capacity - 4 bowls & shoes in base section, upper compartment for clothing, separate external pocket for wets & accesories


Why buy an Emsmorn Explorer Trolley Bag?

Unlike any Bowls Bag previously sold, a complete revolution in bowls luggage.
 - Mid sized bag [15" x 17" x 9.5" overall] mounted on an internal trolley frame with telescopic handle
- Strong & lightweight ABS/Polycarbonate protects the bowls, is waterproof & durable

- Exceptional storage capacity for the external size

- Removable moulded foam tray with padded separator to protect the bowls in transit

- Usable for holidays & flights [ subject to airline t&c's]

One day all bowls Trolley Bags will be like this, until then it's Emsmorn where you get more style, more versatility and more space for less weight - now that's real value!


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